Online read-alongs are a great way to discuss books with avid readers from across the globe.

CURRENT: War and Peace read-along hosted by Jillian at a A Room of One's Own. Jillian and other readers will be reading a chapter a day of Tolstoy's novel for a year (as there are 365 chapters).  I normally don't take so much time working my way through a book, finishing on average a book or two a week, but it should be interesting to experience reading in this new way. It's a very casual read-along and the host is a busy student, so her blog is really a place to share links and reviews. If other readers of War and Peace are interested in a more interactive discussion, feel free to post comments here. I'm especially interested in hearing about the different translations folks are reading. I opted for the Maude translation since it was approved by Tolstoy and keeps much of the original French intact. I've also heard good things about the recent Pevear and Volokhonsky translation. Here's a LINK to a list of translations by a War and Peace fan who compares the qualities of the most widely-available editions. Which translation are you reading?  Did you base your decision on any specific criteria? What are your thoughts so far on War and Peace? I'll be posting my thoughts on the HOMEPAGE from time to time.

PAST: During the month of July I participated in Unputdownable's To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf) read-along HERE. Readers completed the novel in four parts.  Here are my thoughts on the book as I read it in sections:

Week 1: To the Lighthouse HERE
Week 2: To the Lighthouse HERE
Week 3: To the Lighthouse HERE
Week 4: To the Lighthouse HERE


  1. Thanks for joining, Marisa! I'm a few chapters behind this month! (School.)

    Just to let you know, I moved to Blogger recently. We've been chatting, but you may not realize I'm the War and Peace Jillian. :-)

    The readalong moved over here:

    Cheers. :-)

  2. Hi Jillian, thanks for letting me know here! I did make the connection, but I didn't think to change the link above in my post, so it was good of you to write! :-) I'll update my post to include the new link. Traveling abroad put me a few chapters behind as well, but I"m looking forward to getting caught up soon! :-)

    Happy reading!


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