Reading Challenges

In 2011 I'm hosting the Oscar Wilde reading challenge (see menu above for its page) and I've signed up to participate in the following challenges, many of which are crossovers, lest you think I've lost my sanity :

 Into the Old World Reading Challenge (books of any genre published prior to 2009).


Cozy Mysteries Reading Challenge (I'm going for the title of "Super Sleuth").

Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge (I'm going for the title of "Hot on the Trail").

Forgotten Treasures Reading Challenge (books that were published at least 25 years ago--I'll be going for level 2, but there's a realistic chance I'll make it to the bonus level). UPDATE: COMPLETED! 

Gothic Reading Challenge (I'm going for the title "The Darkness Within"- 5 books).

Chunkster Reading Challenge (adult fiction and non-fiction over 450 pages in length.  I'm going for the title of "Chubby Chunkster"- 4 books).

Japanese Lit Challenge (read one work of Japanese literature--with The Tale of Genji and Akutagawa's short stories on my TBR list, this won't be a problem).

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  1. So glad I found your site...some cool challenges!


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